HITOE FOLD Development secret story

ToDay,HITOE FOLDI will tell you about the product development of.

Announced in October 2019HITOE FOLDHowever, its development began in August.
The idea of ​​folding in half with a coin at the top and a card at the bottom has existed since the beginning of trial and error with the 2 L-zip S.
However, if there is a coin pocket on the top, it will be an obstacle to pulling out the card. If you remove the card from the side, it may fall during the move.
So, the idea had stopped, but it was last summer when I suddenly got the idea of ​​hanging leather on the card.
By hanging the leather on the card, it prevents the card from falling and at the same time becomes a wallet fastener, and the notch in the card pocket for that makes it easy to take in and out the card. No hardware is used, the size is small, and the design is minimal.

On the day when I had an idea, I made a prototype, and when I got home, I was excited to start using it and be confident that it would be a groundbreaking product.
SYRINX basically keeps all intellectual property applications confidential and does not leak them out to the outside. Even in fabless management, it is possible to significantly speed up the feedback cycle and improve the completion level by outsourcing the prototypes as much as possible, rather than outsourcing them.

For the trial production, drawings are drawn by CAD, leather is accurately cut with a laser cutter, and sewn by hand. By making it yourself, you will be able to see issues and points to be improved in production. We will check the usability of the finished product for a while, identify problems, and feed it back to a new prototype.
Repeated several times, compiled the final specifications, and applied for design registration in October. We applied for a patent in November, and on the same day, we announced a pre-product.


The above product photograph used is still a prototype made internally (Prototype-8 also posted on the top). However, immediately after the announcement, the minimality that was completed attracted a great deal of attention on SNS.

Product development doesn't stop there. Next, we will start preparing for mass production. First, select the production contractor. We asked several companies for samples, but it is difficult to sew the original three-dimensional shape flatly and sew thick leather with a thin gusset with high precision, and it is difficult to achieve a satisfactory finish. But there was one great finish. It is a leather workshop presided over by a great master who already has 50 years of experience in manufacturing small leather goods.

This encounter will be the trigger for new product development, but it will come later.

In December, after mass production sample confirmation and final trial, mass production started from the beginning of the year. We started crowdfunding in February 12.

Detailed product informationhere