HITOE® FOLD ARIA Crowdfunding news

Thank you for the great response since the announcement, such as the monitor sales being sold out in an instant.
HITOE® FOLD ARIA However, we have decided to carry out crowdfunding prior to the official sale on the official website.

There are several reasons for implementing crowdfunding.

・ The influence of corona may hinder the import of leather, so we will verify the order quantity in advance and purchase the appropriate amount of leather systematically at an earlier timing.
・ Even if the entire leather industry is stagnant due to corona, we will continue stable production by receiving orders in advance and level the management of our company and each manufacturing contractor.
・ Let more people know about the appeal of SYRINX products.

The event will be crowdfunding at Nikkei Inc. / Future Shopping.
It is scheduled to start on Thursday, December 12th.

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