Cumulative crowdfunding reaches 300 million yen

We are pleased to announce that the total amount raised through crowdfunding since 2018 has surpassed 300 million yen. We have been supported by so many people. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
At this juncture, we would like to explain SYRINX's approach to crowdfunding.

The reason why SYRINX is crowdfunding is to spread awareness of SYRINX products and to develop products from the user's perspective based on "design thinking. In other words, to get more people to share the SYRINX brand, and to create even more attractive products based on your feedback.
The amount of money is the result of accumulating them, not a goal or a target.

SYRINX was created to make your daily life lighter. Under the theme of "lighten your body and mind," we sell creative products with a strong focus on portability.

Product development usually reflects the opinions of various parties involved, including designers, manufacturing, and sales. As a result, risks are reduced, but originality is less likely to emerge.
All SYRINX products start with the out-of-the-box ideas of our president and chief designer, Mr. Sato, who is also active as an architect.

Neither market research nor the people involved in the project will be the judges of whether or not the ideas are good or bad. We combine
D2C (Direct to Consumer) with "Designer to Consumer" to bring original products directly to the world through crowdfunding. If the product is well received, we can confirm that it is an attractive product. In addition, we will receive numerous comments and feedback from you. We take these comments seriously and continue to evolve into further new products and renewals. And we will ask the world about the results and their value again through crowdfunding.

SYRINX continues to grow with your feedback.
We will continue to develop products that will be loved for a long time together with you, aiming to have more and more people share the vision of SYRINX.

Representative projects we have undertaken so far

Hitoe L-zip L (started Nov. 2019) 23,102,400 yen

Hitoe Fold (started Feb 2020) 51,795,439 yen

Hitoe Fold Aria (starting Dec 2020) 78,540,000 yen

Hitoe Fold -Liscio- (starting April 2021) ¥45,229,610 (*On sale until June 23)