TSUTSUMU Card Case --Aria -- The first in the Aria series, "TSUTSUMU Card Case" has won seven domestic and international design awards and can be said to be the origin of SYRINX leather items. Well ...

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New TSUTSUMU, A3 Document Case "I want to put small items and use them alone as a bag." In addition, we adopted leather with a firmer feel. `` F ...

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HITOE FOLD development story-SYRINX

HITOE FOLD development story

Today, I would like to tell you about the product development of HITOE FOLD. HITOE FOLD announced in November 2019, its development began in August. The idea of ​​folding in half with a coin at the top and a card at the bottom has existed since the beginning of trial and error with the 11 L-zip S. However, if there is a coin pocket on the top...

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New series "Sottile"-SYRINX

New series "Aria"

Announcing the start of production of the new "Aria" series. A new series that is thin and as light as air. Italian Vacetta leather adopted as the best leather for speakers. SYRINX's leather items began with the effective use of the leather used for this speaker, and we have developed products that are particular about the characteristics of leather. But last year ...

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Announcement of expansion of affiliated workshop-SYRINX

Notice of expansion of affiliated workshop

At this time, we have been soliciting a wide range of partner workshops to produce our products. We received applications from several companies, carefully examined quality checks and manufacturing environment confirmation, and from the end of July, we were able to request additional production at two affiliated workshops (domestic) with outstanding technological capabilities. As a result, the HITOE FOLD you have booked so far...

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New release of MUSUBU key case Foschia-SYRINX

New release of the MUSUBU key case Foschia

New Product Information MUSUBU Key Cases A new collection of popular key cases! Fog-like expression "Foschia" The Italian word for "fog", "Foschia". The more you use it, the more the white wax rubs and penetrates. More leather than existing models...

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Featured in Nikkei Design-SYRINX

Featured in Nikkei Design

In the top article of the special issue of the latest issue of Nikkei Design (May 2020 issue), you introduced the efforts of SYRINX over 5 pages. Nikkei Design is not sold at bookstores, but it is a magazine with rich content related to product / advertisement design. Usually, it is only a subscription, but you can purchase it separately from the following site. http ...

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More important than profit-SYRINX

More important than profit

SYRINX withdrew from Yahoo Shopping last year, from Rakuten Ichiba in January 2020, and from Amazon, which started today in January, is completely complete. These three major companies accounted for about 1% of SYRINX's EC sales in 1 (excluding Kurafan), and this decision required great courage. ...

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LOG Daimaru Tokyo store

Exhibit the LOG of sika deer leather speaker at Daimaru Tokyo store

"LOG", which has been reborn as a speaker using the sika deer leather that had been exterminated, was exhibited today at the 2020th floor of the Daimaru Tokyo store from March 3 to March 11, 3. This is an event where you can deepen your understanding of social products while you are deeply interested in SDGs, and you can actually purchase them. Past...

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New domestic record Small "thin wallet" HITOE FOLD-SYRINX

New record in Japan Small "thin wallet" HITOE FOLD

The crowdfunding of "HITOE FOLD" was supported by more than 24 people in just 00 minutes from the start of 3:700. It is far beyond imagination, and it is an excitement. Thank you very much. In the morning, since the 2000 pieces prepared were sold out, a return (product) was added.

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