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SYRINX (シュリンクス)


世界のデザイン賞11冠 Hitoe® Fold Aria - Foschia -

Light as air

Hitoe® Fold Aria

薄く、小さく、大容量Hitoe L-zip L

Thin, small, large capacity

Hitoe® L-zip L

未体験の薄さへ Hitoe® Fold Less - Foschia -

To the thinness that has never been experienced

Hitoe® Fold Less

アイデアを広げるHasamu® A4 -Liscio-

Minimalist paper covers to expand your ideas

Hasamu® A4 / A3


新 Etretat(エトルタ)へ<br><small>〜仏 Degermannとの歩み〜</small>

New leather "Etretat

Degarman, a tannery in Alsace, France. The new Etretat developed with them has been completed. After the production of Etretat, the Degermann factory, which boasts a long history, closes its doors....

第6回 SYRINX人道支援募金

The 6th SYRINX Humanitarian Relief Fund

We donated 67,608 yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society's "Israel-Gaza Humanitarian Crisis Relief Fund". As the damage to many children continues to spread, we wanted to do what we could to help, e...


Ortensia" is now available for resale.

Ortensia" is the Italian word for hydrangea. Hitoe® Fold Aria - Ortensia - is back in stock. It is highly resistant to scratches and stains, repels water, and hardly ages, so it is recommended ...

Hitoe® Quartet & Sextet 先行予約終了

Hitoe® Quartet & Sextet pre-orders end

Pre-orders for the new Hitoe® Quartet & Hitoe® Sextet closed on October 17, and we have received over 211 orders in total. Thank you very much for your interest.

「モッタイナイ マーケット」開設

Opened "Mottainai Market".

Aiming for a recycling-oriented society without waste, we opened the " Mottainai Market " to offer products that cannot be sold as regular items, an initiative based on the idea of "mottainai," the...


About half. Reason for thinness

Small thin long wallets are becoming increasingly popular these days. So we would like to reintroduce SYRINX'ssmall thin long wallet Hitoe® L-zip L.

Small thin wallet

Hitoe® Fold Series

Carefully selected high quality leather


Toward a Better World


Environmental Conservation Initiatives

SYRINX's small leather goods business had a unique start from " mottainai ". This policy is still carried on in our various initiatives.

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Mottainai Market

Aiming for a recycling-oriented society without waste, we offer products that normally cannot be sold as " mottainai market.

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Showroom Anywhere

We will meet the request of customers who " want to try products before they buy them. This is an attempt to reduce waste in consideration of the global environment.

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SYRINX Fundraising

SYRINX is a fundraising organization.

All of your precious money will be donated.

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